[Linux SMP FAQ] Info request for SMP PPC systems Linux support

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at drgw.net
Mon Mar 8 12:14:21 EST 1999

On 6 Mar 1999, David Mentr\'e wrote:

> [ as I'm not on this list, so please Cc: to me any answer. Thanks. ]
>  Hello all LinuxPPC developpers,
> I'm the maintainer of the Linux SMP FAQ (see pointer below if you want
> to have a look). Right know, this FAQ is very x86 centric but I plan to
> change that. Looking at linuxppc.org, it seems that :
>  - support is beeing developed (by lead programmer Cort Dougan )for
>    PowerSurge boards. This includes the UMAX s900.
>  - support for SMP PowerMac is working.

Let me add: 

Motorola MTX (and probably dual CPU MVME boards) have early (working)
support for SMP. Dual CPU have two 604e chips running at 300, 333, or 400
mhz, fyi.

Support for the MTX isn't fully complete, the MTX board I use is
reasonably stable. It will, however crash with more than 2 or 3 large
compiles running.

> So here are my questions :
>  1. what is the current status of SMP support for LinuxPPC? any table? 
>  2. is there any specific things to do to make a PPC SMP system?
>     (kernel compilation, boot, etc.)

PowerMac SMP is similiar to standard PowerMac. The MTX booting process is
somewhat involved, and the MTX SMP code is not in the mainline kernel yet.
>  3. is there a mailing-list I should subscribe to to have further info
>     on this subject (i.e. SMP && PPC && Linux)?
>  4. any bench result of SMP system?

Do you have any suggested benchmarks?

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