[Linux SMP FAQ] Info request for SMP PPC systems Linux support

David Mentr\'e David.Mentre at irisa.fr
Sun Mar 7 04:28:28 EST 1999

[ as I'm not on this list, so please Cc: to me any answer. Thanks. ]

 Hello all LinuxPPC developpers,

I'm the maintainer of the Linux SMP FAQ (see pointer below if you want
to have a look). Right know, this FAQ is very x86 centric but I plan to
change that. Looking at linuxppc.org, it seems that :

 - support is beeing developed (by lead programmer Cort Dougan )for
   PowerSurge boards. This includes the UMAX s900.

 - support for SMP PowerMac is working.

So here are my questions :

 1. what is the current status of SMP support for LinuxPPC? any table? 

 2. is there any specific things to do to make a PPC SMP system?
    (kernel compilation, boot, etc.)

 3. is there a mailing-list I should subscribe to to have further info
    on this subject (i.e. SMP && PPC && Linux)?

 4. any bench result of SMP system?

Thanks in advance for any info/pointer,
Best Regards,
 David.Mentre at irisa.fr -- http://www.irisa.fr/prive/dmentre/
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