[linux-mac68k] ANNC: m68k-linux cross-development RPMS for ppc linux

David Huggins-Daines bn711 at freenet.carleton.ca
Thu Mar 4 07:59:44 EST 1999

On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 01:03:14AM -0600, David D. Kilzer wrote:
> egcs-m68k-linux-1.1.1-1a.src.rpm          11330K

So *that's* why I have no more space left in my /home partition :-)

Just thought I'd add that these are mirrored at

which may be faster for commercial sites in eastern Canada (anyone not on
ONet - our connectivity to them is quite bad...) and maybe some other places

Joseph: Can you add this site to the mirrors list?

(It'll be down for a little while on Friday, as we're rearranging the
office, and I want to try out a new Valkyrie kernel...)


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