ANNC: m68k-linux cross-development RPMS for ppc linux

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at
Tue Mar 2 18:03:14 EST 1999

I've created RPMS of m68k-linux cross-development tools for ppc linux R4
systems (MkLinux and LinuxPPC).  You may download them from the following
FTP site.

The RPMs and SRPMs are listed below.

binutils-m68k-linux-   2203K
egcs-m68k-linux-1.1.1-1a.ppc.rpm           4312K
glibc-m68k-linux-2.0.4-1a.noarch.rpm       2081K

binutils-m68k-linux-   5641K
egcs-m68k-linux-1.1.1-1a.src.rpm          11330K
glibc-m68k-linux-2.0.4-1a.src.rpm          2934K

They were built to facilitate the Macintosh port of the Linux/m68k project,
but feel free to use them however you'd like.

  1. After installing glibc-m68k-linux-2.0.4-1a.noarch.rpm, I had to
     rename /usr/m68k-linux/lib/ to
     /usr/m68k-linux/lib/ so that it wouldn't be used when
     I ran a dynamically linked PPC program.  I'm sure I'm doing
     something wrong in the RPM spec file, but I'm not sure what.  Any
     info would be appreciated.

  2. I had to create a patch for the egcs cross compiler to force it to
     use "m68k-linux-as" instead of "as" when doing compiles, otherwise
     I wasn't able to use both the native ppc egcs and the m68k-linux
     egcs at the same time (which is required when making m68k Linux
     kernels under MkLinux or LinuxPPC.  Comments on this patch would
     be appreciated.  I think there is a better way to do it.

This info may also be found on the following web page.

David D. Kilzer
ddkilzer at

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