Turning off paging to disk?

mukesh agrawal agrawal at ais.org
Wed Mar 3 15:45:36 EST 1999

At 10:53 AM -0500 3/2/99, mayan wrote:
>How does one turn off paging to disk?
>I am booting with root=/dev/ram, with no disk, and I was
>wondering how to disable swapping (or at least fool Linux
>into swapping from memory to memory :)

iirc, swapping is activated by the program swapon. look through your
startup sequence to figure out when this is activated, and disable it. or,
if you just need to disable swapping temporarily, i believe there's a
swapoff program. finally, if you comment out the lines in /etc/fstab that
indicate what your swap partition(s) are, then swapon probably won't do

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