Offer of Work on Blue G3 Port

Randall R. Schulz rrschulz at
Wed Mar 3 03:31:25 EST 1999


I recently acquired a Blue G3 in one of the top-of-the-line configurations
available only directly from Apple:

	400 MHz
	256 Mb
	8.5 Gb SCSI (advertised as 9!)
	DVD ROM / Video (ATA bus)
	21" Studio Monitor
	ZIP Drive (ATA bus)

I've added a CD recorder / rewritable based on the Yamaha 4416S drive
attached via an Initio INI-9100UW UltraWide SCSI adaptor (so as not to
compromise the performance of the Adapte 2940UW2B included with the "9
Gigabyte" SCSI option).

This system is to (eventually) replace my 8500/120 which I use for both
MacOS and MkLinux.

When I bought this machine I intendeded to run both LinuxPPC and MacOS.
Imagine my disappointment to find LinuxPPC wasn't yet supported!

So, to get to the real point of this message, I'm wondering if I might make
a meaningful contribution to the porting efforts. I have extensive
experience in UNIX kernel and system programming, though it is a bit dated
now and I've never worked on Linux internals per se.

My questions are these:

- Is there a need for help on this port?
- What is a meaningful commitment of time?
- If I decide I can make the committment, how do I go about doing so?

If this isn't the proper place to address this question, please accept my
apologies and redirect me or this query to a more appropriate recipient.

Thank you.

Randall R. Schulz
Mountain View, CA

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