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Tue Mar 2 02:56:43 EST 1999


in my continueing efforts to get our MVME2306 board running, I ran
across another problem. All Linux (mini-)HOWTOs talk about passing
boot arguments (like 'root=/dev/nfs') to the kernel. Some also
mention the case where one is booting a diskless station (such as
an MVME230x board). However, no document describes *how* to pass these
arguments over the network to the kernel.

I'm starting to doubt whether this is possible. I want the BOOTP/TFTP
server to have the initial boot arguments for each of its clients, and
pass them when a client (i.c. an MVME2306 board) boots over the
network. Other than the file name, BOOTP doesn't seem capable to me
to passing anything as long as a command line - but I may be wrong.

I am aware of the fact that both 'NBO' and 'NIOT' allow setting some
"Argument File Name". Is this supposed to be an ASCII file with the
arguments in them ? The PPC-Bug documentation is rather vague about
this matter. (In my TFTP logs, nothing seems to indicate that the
board is trying to load this 'Argument File'.)

All help and suggestions are welcomed,

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