linux-2.2.2 kernel hangs

VALETTE Eric valette at
Mon Mar 1 22:08:58 EST 1999

>>>>> "Alois" == Alois Fertl <alois_fertl at> writes:

Alois> This 2.2.2 version has severe problems on a Motorola RiscPC. Actually
Alois> the
Alois> kernel hangs within a short time if cpio'ing files from a NFS tree to
Alois> the
Alois> local scsi drive. It starts with a message about the nfs server not
Alois> responding and than endlessly repeats scsi timeouts. Due to my problems
Alois> with CVS I do not have any of the versions between 2.1.130 and 2.2.2.
Alois> The
Alois> 2.1.130 version did not show the problem.

Alois> Is this a known problem.

Yes. But it is not related specifically to PPC. I had the same problem
with adaptec 2940 on Intel (and was not alone). The problem is that
apparently, the scsi driver tries to transfer byte at a rate that
cannot be handled as UW2 chips are now working... (20 Mb/s instead of 

To fix it on PC, I had to upgrade the adaptec BIOS and use the
new per-device speed setup feature... I do not know how
you will handled this is a ppc... May be there is a compilation
option to set the default speed but I haven't checked...

BTW : I said that your patch for IDE will not work on MCP750.
      This was wrong. It works and otherwyse you cannot boot using
      pload. Sorry for the mistake. The bad news, is that
      you must reformat your disk if you were using IDE before using the 

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