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Velasquez, Carlos carlos.velasquez at
Tue Jun 29 01:37:34 EST 1999


Finally got Linux running and after trying out some stuff I in text mode I
am ready to move up into the world of X windows. How exactly do I get
started?? What commands do I issue to start the X server, etc etc? Anyone
know any good books or links where I can get documentation??

Also, when booting with BootX, should I enable the "Video Drivers" option? I
have a Umax S900 running @ 225Mhz with 162 Meg ram and an ixMicro Twin Turbo
8 Meg graphics card. YDL is booting of my Jazz Drive (2.1gig)


C.F. Velasquez
Asst. Vice President
Global Database and Technology Division
Salomon Smith Barney, Inc.

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