bug in head.S

Nathan Sheeley nsheeley at ibmoto.com
Thu Jun 24 00:08:54 EST 1999

> > Has anyone tried to build/run a pmac SMP kernel with a recent (2.2.9)
> > version of Linux?  
> I have 2.2.10 running on my 2-cpu powermac at home (it's a 7500 with a
> 2 x 604e 200MHz cpu card in it).  It mostly runs fine but has frozen
> up on me a couple of times - I haven't tracked down why/where yet.

I pulled the MP card from the 9500, and installed it in an 8500;
where it works fine w/2.2.0.  The 9500 (even with a single CPU) 
still appears to hang just after opening the display.  Perhaps
a problem w/ the mach64 driver that only affects older versions
of the card?


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