dl-load.c (ld.so) bug??

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at drgw.net
Tue Jun 22 08:52:13 EST 1999


#include <stdio.h>
int main(void){
        char * ptr;
        printf("hello world\n");
        ptr = (char *)malloc(100);

compile this with:
gcc test.c -lefence -g -static

On a PPC glibc-2.1 box, this segfaults in dl-load.c:564

On a x86 Red Hat 6.0 system, it works fine (
[troybenj at mos6 troybenj]$ ./a.out

  Electric Fence 2.0.5 Copyright (C) 1987-1998 Bruce Perens.
hello world
[troybenj at mos6 troybenj]$ 

Either dl-load.c has a serious bug, or ElectricFence is broken on PPC.
I suspect it's the former, and if so, this would explain the weird
segfaults I've been seeing.

Can someone that knows glibc better please confirm or deny this for me?

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