ld bug with -Bsymbolic --noinhibit-exec (

Eric Ding ericding at applix.com
Tue Jun 22 05:44:54 EST 1999

Hi Franz,

Another one of our developers has installed on his x86 box and
it has worked for him.  I'm still having problems with (though
no longer with LD_RUN_PATH).  Again, everything links, but the
executables themselves don't run correctly.

While I can't give you a very small test case, do you think you could
work with a somewhat weightier one?  The SHELF open source package is
the core of Applixware, and exhibits the same problems as Applixware as
a whole.  If you'd be willing to download the source, and do a build (I
could give you step by step instructions), then you would be able to
duplicate our issues, hopefully.  The source download is anything but
small -- it's a weighty 6.8 MB.  But the build process is relatively

What do you think?

Senior Software Engineer / ericding at applix.com               <><
Applix Linux Division / 112 Turnpike Road / Westboro MA 01581-2842

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