platinumfb problem (cont. from long ago)

Hollis R Blanchard hollis+ at
Sun Jun 20 02:42:34 EST 1999

Update on slightly broken platinumfb:
(see for
the end of the old thread)

The kernel installed with R5 still has the screwy palette.'s 2.2.9
does too, as well as 2.2.7-vger (found in the /kernels directory on The kernel used *during* the R5 installer had no
palette problems because it used offb (that had me confused for a minute).

Since the problem occurs in console as well as X (I'm going to assume the
LinuxPPC gdm backgroud is *not* brilliant magenta), Sean's patch seems pretty
necessary. The XF86 that comes with R5 has the same problem that Xpmac in R4
did, so I think the patch won't break anything XF86-specific, which Sean was
worried about.

Btw, if you're going to include something like xeyes in an installer, why not
make it xpat2 or a Tetris clone or something?


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