a question

Akiko Tanaka tanak002 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Sun Jun 20 00:31:15 EST 1999

I've been tryint to install Linux (downloaded from 
mklinux.apple.com/pub site) on my Mac (power Mac 5400), but it seems 
like I don't know the basics that the READ ME's and your FAQ's don't 
explain, and am having trouble for hours.  The problem I have is the 
"bootstrap cannot find configuration file" message that I get, which 
seems to be a common problem.  But, I think my problem is that I Don't 
know how to do "4) Place the "mach_servers" folder at the top level 
(ie. not on the desktop)
   of a suitable volume on your Mac."  Am I supposed to put 
"mach_server" folder inside the patrition for MacHFS when I look at 
through the pdisk?  How do you do that?  I just don't know how to put 
things above the desktop level.

Also, if I manage to put it where it's supposed to go and edit the 
line in lilo.conf, am I supposed to just put rootdev=/dev/hda (or 
ata0.0) or whatever, or supposed to write 
/dev/boot_device/mach_servers/bootstrap.conf, which comes up in the 
error message when I try to boot it?  Also, it seems that I have to 
specify a patition when I do this.  How do I do that?  If the 
patrition # in pdisk is 5, do I put rootdev=/dev/hda/5 or hda5? or 
what?  If it's ata0.0, does it become ata0.5 or ata0.0/5 or some other 
kind of way?

Please Help!!

Akiko Tanaka
tanak002 at gold.tc.umn.edu

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