EM86 port for LinuxPPC?

Gabriel Paubert paubert at iram.es
Fri Jun 18 20:14:38 EST 1999

On 11 Jun 1999, Andreas Bogk wrote:

> And then there is bochs, which is a complete PC emulator, and which
> certainly could be modularized:
> http://www.bochs.org
> It reaches the speed of a 2 MHz 486 on my 300 MHz G3, so it's not
> exactly a viable option for running x86 binaries on PPC.

Indeed it's slow, but I looked once at the code of Bochs: performing
explictly the virtual to physical memory mapping by emulatingthe TLB in
software is not exactly cheap. That's an area where using hardware
resources with a hook in the kernel might speed up significantly. There
are other issues too (slow endianness conversion, ...)

Of course I did not have these problems with my emulator because it only
emulates a real mode 486SX for now, which runs at the speed of a 25 to 33
MHz 386DX on a 200Mhz PPC603e. 

I have some ideas to implement protected mode and to speed it up by maybe
30%, but abolutely no incentive to do it.  


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