EM86 port for LinuxPPC?

Andreas Bogk andreas at andreas.org
Fri Jun 11 23:29:19 EST 1999

Brad Boyer <flar at cegt201.bradley.edu> writes:

> our own x86 emulation library to replace it.  This isn't so much of a
> problem, because there is already a basic x86 emulator in one of the
> bootloaders, to be able to run BIOS code from PCI cards with x86 BIOS
> chips on them.  I started looking at it, but then I went on to

And then there is bochs, which is a complete PC emulator, and which
certainly could be modularized:


It reaches the speed of a 2 MHz 486 on my 300 MHz G3, so it's not
exactly a viable option for running x86 binaries on PPC.


Reality is two's complement. See:

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