How to boot VME from HD?

Simone Piccardi Simone.Piccardi at
Wed Jun 9 01:10:16 EST 1999

I just got a new disk for our MVME2431 board. Up to now I was booting
trough NFS using a kernel image and a root filesystem on a linux PC.
Then I just copied all the files from the NFS root directory on the PC
to the new disk, and after few adjustement (correction on fstab) I could
have the root filesystem on the HD, uding it after boot.
Now I would like to go further and boot directly from the HD, removing
the needing of the PC; I looked into PPCBUG manual, finding the PBOOT
command; but it require a bootable partition and a boot record, and I
think that lilo did not work in these board, there is an equivalent
tool? Or I can simply put the kernel image inside the NV Ram and start
from there? 
Ok, the problem is not serious, all the other things are working well; I
only would like to have a faster way to boot.
Simone Piccardi
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