How to boot VME from HD?

Gabriel Paubert paubert at
Wed Jun 9 00:37:53 EST 1999

On Tue, 8 Jun 1999, Simone Piccardi wrote:

> Hi,
> I just got a new disk for our MVME2431 board. Up to now I was booting
> trough NFS using a kernel image and a root filesystem on a linux PC.
> Then I just copied all the files from the NFS root directory on the PC
> to the new disk, and after few adjustement (correction on fstab) I could
> have the root filesystem on the HD, uding it after boot.
> Now I would like to go further and boot directly from the HD, removing
> the needing of the PC; I looked into PPCBUG manual, finding the PBOOT
> command; but it require a bootable partition and a boot record, and I
> think that lilo did not work in these board, there is an equivalent
> tool? Or I can simply put the kernel image inside the NV Ram and start
> from there? 

You have to create a small primary (number 1-4) partition (say 5 Mb, only
needs to be larger than the zImage), give it type 0x41 and use the dd
command to copy the zImage to it.

For example my 0x41 type partition is /dev/sda3, and I type: 

	dd of=/dev/sda3 if=/usr/src/linux/arch/ppc/prepboot/zImage 

check twice before typing the return key since the wrong digit in the of0
parameter may make one of your partitions unusable (to solve this we would
need a MILO like loader, but I had no time to work on this, although
prepboot might be a good starting point). I have also considered the
possibility of booting from ROM (flash the kernel into the 4 or 8Mb of
PROM present on these boards), but not implemented it.

Also note that my FTP server is no more (
but (, so please upgrade your bookmarks.
I'm now up to 2.2.9 and the VME driver still has had some minor changes
(because the Raven/Falcon now are set up in a way which allows much
larger windows to the VME).


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