udelay not exported to kernel(?)

Leif Lindholm Leif.Lindholm at uab.ericsson.se
Tue Jun 8 05:45:00 EST 1999


I guess probably most here don't mess around with real time processes,
so this wouldn't be noticed. I may need to in a while though.

Now, the problem is this:
udelay, which is used (at least) in linux/kerne/sched.c:sys_nanosleep
when a process is running in real time mode doesn't seem to be compiled
into the finished kernel (embedded-2.2.5), it is only available in the
loader. This is of course on my own port, but looking at the source
there is no EXPORT_SYMBOL(udelay) there among with the others.

Is this just me, or is it a real problem?

Would a udelay for all ports in ppc/lib/something.S (heavily #ifdef:d if
needed) do it? This being how the string and memory functions have been

Any thoughts?

Grateful for replies


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