G3 Upgrade Questions....

Charles Lepple clepple at mitre.org
Fri Jul 30 21:38:11 EST 1999

Takayuki Yamaizumi wrote:
>   I've never checked that document, so I download it (but, today I

The code listed in that app note does not seem to include any bit
reversals (did I miss something?) and it works fine (the temperatures
are linear, just 20 degrees too high) on a 740 card here.

I used the code for a different reason (it seems that the board fails
right when the TAU reads between 66 and 70 degrees C) but I held off on
turning it into a kernel patch because I can see it now -- as soon as a
patch gets into the 2.2 kernel tree, people are going to start hitting
the list with questions like "why does my computer think that it's 70 C
in here?". At the very least, whoever puts the code in the kernel should
take a hint from Motorola's code and also spit out whether the value has
been calibrated or not (compile-time option? or an OF variable?

--Charles Lepple
clepple at mitre.org

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