I still cannot get L2cr to activate!

ian reinhart geiser (ADMIN) geiseri at msoe.edu
Thu Jul 29 10:47:39 EST 1999

i ran the get G3 settings from the BootX dist.  it said that i was all
good to go with my l2cr but when i did a:
[19:51:07}{2}{geiseri at sleepchamber:~ (363.537 Mb)>$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/l2cr 

i get:

b9000000:  enabled,no parity,1M,+2 clock,pipelined burst SRAM,ZZ enabled,write-through,1.0ns hold 

as a response...

is this incorrect?

also the l2 cache will not show up in my /proc/cpuinfo

any ideas?

	-ian reinhart geiser

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