Is there a free impl. of Open Firmware

Deirdre Saoirse dsaoirse at
Fri Jul 2 04:22:12 EST 1999

At 7:33 PM +0200 6/26/99, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>Does someone knows is there is a free implementation of OF, or at least
>work on one ? if there's no, this would be an interesting project to do ;-)

Open Firmware was ALWAYS an open project:

>I was mostly thinking about putting a thin OF layer in mac-on-linux in
>order to truely support any OF-based OS and load the new MacOS ROM (so
>MacOS would work on any PPC based machines using the ROM provided by
>Apple) but I'm working on BIOSes for custom design embedded boards with
>various CPUs and in this field, it would be very useful too.

See the URL above.

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