Interrupt Key Support?

Ryan Mack mackman at
Thu Jan 14 11:03:39 EST 1999

Having been recently frustrated with the lock ups of the accellerated
FBDev X server, I've been thinking about alternative ways to rebooting my
system. GPM doesn't work when the hardware crashes, and telnetting from
another machine is a hassle. I was curious what possiblity there would be
to implement kernel-level or daemon-level support for the "Interrupt" key
present on most PowerMacs and PowerBooks. It seems if this could fuction
as a soft-reboot command (or any other cofigurable command) it would save
a lot of frustration of hard-rebooting in a networkless enviroment or save
time anywhere else. Just a though, I know too little about ppc hardware to
judge how hard it would be. Thanks.

-Ryan Mack

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