Porting to NuBus PowerMacs

Kaoru Fukui k_fukui at highway.ne.jp
Thu Jan 14 00:57:41 EST 1999

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> Subject: Re: Porting to NuBus PowerMacs
> Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:40:11 -0700
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> I know you guys are only in the early stages with this but I have a 6100 
> that I will run anything you come up with on.. I don't have mklinux on it
> right now but I could get that on it and be a guinea pig if you need one..
> Ron Nelson

         Rawhide world on MklinuxG06

 Let's go "Rawhide world" using the vmlinux+installer like DR3,
    together Nubus users too.

   This vmlinux+installer is useful linuxppc/R5 in linuxppc box,too.
   There is <ftp://ppc.linux/pub/users/fukui/Drugstore-in Rawhide

                                  Kaoru Fukui <fukui at ppc.linux.or.jp>
                                  Sun 10 Jan 1999

  ** How to install as MkLinux** 

 1. Download many RedHat/RPMS files from 
     Not use for linuxppc files.

     Put RPMS files on ext2.

     Remove filenames for linuxppc in comps,
      or use Installer-on-MkLinuxG06R5/RedHat/base/comps,it's alredy rewrite
    Download RedHat/base/hdlist and put it in RedHat/base. 

 2. Download these files from 
     Add four files from Installer-on-MkLinux-G06R5/RedHat/RPMS/* 
     to Redhat/RPMS installed.

     Add these filenames in comps,or use My comps.

 3. Uncompress Mac_Files.sit, put in MacOS.
 4. Put mach_servers in MacOs.
 5. Go restart Mac. 

   I istalled R5 useing these files on PM6100.
   Then Select custom,Scsi driver is no,Disk Setup,use fdisk,
   Edit Partition is "/",
   Do link for startx function," cd /etc/X11,ln -sf /usr/X11R6/bin/Xpmac X"

   The comps has many bugs.Take care.

   Xfree86-3.3.3-10d.ppc.rpm could not nomeal end.
   It,s works fine, but hitkey "ctrl D" to go freeze.
   I used to end "sync,reboot","sync,halt".

   More problem, it's not X_LOCAE, Xemacs doesnot work. 

 Mac_Files.sit have "Mach kernel" from globegate.utm.edu/MkLinux generic 06.
 The other fuiles are same.

>Installing the Mac OS-side files

>There are five files in the "Mac Files" folder.  Copy the two files "MkLinux

>Booter" and "Mach Kernel" to your Extensions folder.  Copy the control panel

>"MkLinux" to your Control Panels folder.  Copy the two files "lilo.conf" and

>"MkLinux.prefs" to your Preferences folder.

>The initial boot of MkLinux just runs the installer.  Currently, things are

 Vmlinux+installer was rebuilt using "Mklinux generic 06" and 
   "Linuxppc release 5's installer".

 I got ramdisk.image.gz-RH5-new from Martin's 
 it's have not /dev/* and not /mnt.
 Installer said "can not mount".
 I fixed that. Thanks Martin. 

Enjoy Rawhide on MklinuxG06!

Kaoru Fukui <fukui at linux.ppc.or.jp>

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