Bug in G3 serial - stty causes total lockup

puetzk6715 at uni.edu puetzk6715 at uni.edu
Sat Feb 27 03:13:38 EST 1999

I just moved my printer from a Localtalk network to my Linux box. I then
BootX'ed into Linux (1.0.2b4 and Pauls 2.2.1) to try the HP 660C
instructions from the FAQ-o-Matic. However, attempting to use stty raw
57600 -echo crtscts < /dev/ttyS1 completely locked up the machine. I
rebooted (OF-boot), and all worked fine. Went back to MacOS, BootX'ed (I
wanted to see if this was the problem), and... it locked up again. 

I finally turned off LocalTalk on the MacOS (which I was going to do
anyway now that the printer is directly connected) and now stty works
reliably after BootX. However, I don't like Linux to crash, even in
uunrealistic situations (like changing the speed on a port MacOS thought
was LocalTalk). Anyone want to look at this? I'm afreaid of the

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