egcs-1.1.1-1c bug (was Re: major ksyms problem)

Michel Lanners mlan at
Wed Feb 24 18:14:18 EST 1999

On  23 Feb, this message from Tom Vier echoed through cyberspace:
>> >egcs-1.1.1-1c failed using -O0, -O2, and -O3 with all combinations of
>> >-mcpu=601, -mcpu=604, and -fno-schedule-insns. -fpic did work, however
>> >it addes an offset table symbol that makes insmod complain.
>> >> > Feb 21 09:36:18 zero insmod: /lib/modules/2.0.37-osfmach3/net/bsd_comp.o:
>> >> > Unhandled relocation of type 26 for .L343
>> Is "Unhandled relocation of type 26" the behaviour for standard compilation
>> or for -fpic? You can't compile a kernel/modules with -fpic and expect
>> modutils still to work, modutils only handles the minimum necessary
>> relocation types.

Just to make sure we all talk about the same things, there was an issue
with relocation of kernel modules some time ago when we moved to a
newer version of egcs, which needed a newer version of modutils to be
able to handle that new relocation.

The modutils version to use is 2.1.121. If nowhere else, you can find a
binary on my site (see below).

Now, I may be completely off track, and this problem now is something
completely different ;-)


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