601 vs head.S

Brad Midgley brad at pht.com
Sun Feb 21 10:16:50 EST 1999

my quest is for a kernel that boots both on the 7200 and the imac. help me
out and i'll give you a free ppc601 card :)

i dug out my old 601 processor and verified that recent samba rsync
kernels won't boot on it. but the patch i have doesn't really help (it
only allows a few more lines of text to be printed before the inevitable
hang). does anyone have a patch that will make paul's kernel work on the

without patch: 

Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.2.1

with patch:

Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.2.1
started at ...
linked at ...
fb at...
MSR ...

(here's the patch i have)

--- linux/arch/ppc/kernel/head.S        Fri Jan  8 18:27:01 1999
+++ linux.new/arch/ppc/kernel/head.S    Fri Jan  8 23:16:13 1999
@@ -1204,9 +1204,11 @@
 Hash_bits = 12                         /* e.g. 256kB hash table */
 Hash_msk = (((1 << Hash_bits) - 1) * 64)
+#ifdef __SMP__
        .globl  hash_table_lock
 .long  0
        .globl  hash_page

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