MKLinux on Performa 6200

Gary Thomas gdt at
Fri Feb 19 18:15:05 EST 1999

On 18-Feb-99 Nathan Hurst wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Gary Thomas wrote:
>> On 17-Feb-99 marcos otero garcia wrote:
>> > My Questions:
>> > Does the Installatin not run because of the MK Linux Booter v1.4? What about other Booters
>> > Do I have a chance on running Linux on the Performa 6200?
>> > What about alternative System?
>> Terribly sorry, but at this point there is no Linux (of any type) available
>> for that machine.  I have one myself and it just sits here, unused :-(
> For these machines(all the nubus ones) would it be possible to use BootX
> and fake the OF device tree?  Do we have GPLd drivers for all the early
> PPC apple hardware?

I've never tried BootX, so I couldn't tell you, sorry.  It might very well
provide useful in this environment.

I haven't looked lately, but the last time I did, there were no GPL drivers
for the hardware in question.  But I'll look around again [in my *copious*
spare time]

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