IBM providing Linux for RS6000

sean o'malley somalley at
Thu Feb 18 14:22:31 EST 1999

Umm if you read the article at,4,32563,00.html?

(in case you want the brief)
IBM's plan is specifically to use distributions of linuxppc.  They arent
creating their own version, nor are they going to be writing code for it..
their plans include dropping hints to developers porting it to stay away
from sticky legal issues like property rights of the source code.

They plan on using the redhat distribution of linuxppc and they will offer
support. They are planning on shipping it on their low-end 1-2 processor

Basically aiming straight at M$'s NT's upper end market.


>>Will the fact that IBM is going to be providing it's own version going to
>>have any effects on the linuxppc development efforts?
>>If so, will it be positive or negative?
>I thought IBM talked to J. Haas about getting LinuxPPC on the IBMs?

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