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David Edelsohn dje at
Tue Feb 16 04:42:55 EST 1999

>>>>> Gabriel Paubert writes:

Gabriel> Ok, better like this. Unfortunately for rlwinm and friends, gas allows you
Gabriel> to replace the last 2 parameters by a single value (bit mask), for
Gabriel> example: rlwinm r3,r4,0, 0x00ffff00, but it does not work if you have the
Gabriel> complementary mask (ones, zeros, ones) so you can't type rlwinm
Gabriel> r0,r0,0,~MSR_EE. Note that gcc/egcs would generate the code with the
Gabriel> rlwinm instruction. Anybody wants to tweak binutils to allow this ?

	I think that this already was discovered and fixed in the
development sources.  From the ChangeLog:

Wed Aug 12 14:00:38 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <ian at>

        From Peter Thiemann <thiemann at>:
        * ppc-opc.c (insert_mbe): Handle wrapping bitmasks.
        (extract_mbe): Likewise.


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