passing option to makefile via RPM-Spec

Andreas Tobler toa at
Fri Feb 12 06:47:29 EST 1999

I try to build egcs-1.1.1-1c under pre-R5 with the make option
'-fno-vtable-thunks'. I use the egcs-1.1.1-1c.src.rpm from biggi. 
As Franz Sirl suggested I inserted in the RPM-SPEC file from egcs the
following entry:

cd %{OBJDIR}
CFLAGS="-O2 -g -fno-vtable-thunks" <--- this I entered!!!
$RPM_BUILD_DIR/egcs-$RPM_PACKAGE_VERSION/configure -v --prefix=/usr \
        --enable-shared --enable-threads \

But I can't find the entry somewhere in my build.log. And for me it seems that
there was no success passing this option to the configure/make file of egcs.
Any hints?

Another question, how can I tell the egcs specs not to build the whole egcs,
only c and c++? It's a bit funny to wait about four and a half hour for
testing the compiler. (It's a 7200/90 which needs 4 1/2 hours to build egcs-1.1.1)

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