zimage relocation

baccala at freesoft.org baccala at freesoft.org
Thu Feb 11 17:03:01 EST 1999

Hi -

I'm having trouble with the recent (~ 1.5 weeks ago) changes to
arch/ppc/boot/misc.c, relating to MBX image relocation.  On my IBM 860
laptop, the relocation never used to run ('cause I wasn't using
ramdisks), but now it does, and the image doesn't decompress properly.

If I comment out this section of code in misc.c, everything works fine:

if ( (( (unsigned long)zimage_start <= 0x01000000 ) && initrd_start)
         || needs_reloc)
        memcpy ((void *)PAGE_ALIGN(-PAGE_SIZE+(unsigned long)end_avail-zimage_size),
                 (void *)zimage_start, zimage_size );
        zimage_start = (char *)PAGE_ALIGN(-PAGE_SIZE+(unsigned long)end_avail-zimage_size);
        end_avail = (char *)zimage_start;
        puts("relocated to:  "); puthex((unsigned long)zimage_start);
        puts(" ");
        puthex((unsigned long)zimage_size+(unsigned long)zimage_start);

Clearly, the machine is responding to
needs_reloc, since my initrd_start is 0, no ramdisk.  needs_reloc was
set by the Motorola detect code.  So what does the Motorola detect
actually do, why would it be triggered on my IBM 860, and what should
be done about it?

					Brent Baccala
					baccala at freesoft.org

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