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Ken Roberts ken at
Thu Feb 11 14:17:09 EST 1999

this link will give you a list of places to find the prep spec.

prep has been replaced by chrp, which can also be found in the faq i point you
to.  prep is, i think, 1995 technology.  that makes it not exactly new, but not
that old either.  newer than many technologies that are still in high
production.  for more info on those, go see and  (couldn't resist the wintel slur, sorry.)

i think prep was a starter-step towards chrp, but there are quite a number of
prep boxes out there.  everything ibm made that's powerpc, i think, was prep or
chrp.  all the current rs/6000's, as/400's, and system 390's are powerpc and
chrp.  the older powerpc machines of these lines are, as far as i know, prep.

some of these platforms comply with a tighter standard within chrp, if i
understand things correctly.

>Hello, list... I have never posted here before.  These are sorta
>more hardware questions, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
>My motivation is that I inherited a PReP box a year ago, and
>intermittently play with it (e.g., Valentine's Day release); I'm
>trying to migrate into serious play.
>How does one get a copy of the PReP specification?
>Is PReP still considered a viable commercial architecture or is it
>reaching end-of-life?

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