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Wed Feb 10 00:11:54 EST 1999

At this URL:


Is a little application that grabs the current L2CR setting under MacOS
and puts it in BootX prefs, enabling BootX "Set G3 Cache" option. The
L2CR value is then put in the device tree by BootX and retreived later by
the kernel.

You need a recent kernel for this to work (vger 2.2.x or Paul's ones) and
a recent version of BootX too:


This tools does a big horrible hack to get the L2CR value (thanks again
to Terry Greeniaus for the tips !) so I'm interested in any problem you
may encounter.

If that works, the kernel should print in the boot messages (look at
dmesg) a message like "L2CR overriden (value), backside cache is enabled\n"

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