modes "default" unfit for general use?

Brad Midgley brad at
Fri Feb 5 16:33:12 EST 1999


Is it a mistake to have a distribution ship with modes "default" in the
default x windows configuration? 

> These days I use video=atyfb:vmode:17 and the XF86Config below

I was trying to use modes "default" on this iMac. Paul was using concrete
graphics modes. That made all the difference in getting a usable screen. 
This brings to light a general problem: is modes "default" being supported
by any developers? 

 1- It doesn't work with virtual screen sizes (modes "default" on imac
results in a 1024x6128--yes, six thousand--virtual screen size and the x
server ignores attempts to set the virtual screen size in XF86Config) 

 2- It appears that some video drivers just don't support modes "default"
eg iMac. The result on this machine is a white screen flecked with
artifacts and a mouse that appears and disappears, leaving a trail behind

so... if we abandon modes default, what modeline generators are out there
that take the output of `fbset -x` and output a complete XF86Config? is
there a safe way to cycle through all the supported vmodes automatically
and capture these settings for several resolutions? 


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