2.2.1 & serial ports

Owen Waller O.Waller at ee.qub.ac.uk
Tue Feb 2 07:38:20 EST 1999


I've compiled a stock v2.2.1 kernel _without_ UNIX98 support so I don't
have a /proc/tty filesystem but I can't seem to access the serial ports
since the upgrade. In particular ppp won't dial out - it pickes up and
senses the carrier but thats it. It's almost as if the modem doesn't have
a dial tone (although it certainly does). Also minicom takes an age to
initialise and then pretty much refuses to talk to the modem.

But if I drop back to my last good kernel (v2.1.127) things work

I know you need glib v2+ to be able to use the UNIX98 support but as I'm
on a stock R4 system I explicity turned this off in the kernel config.

Has anybody got ppp to work with a v2.2 kernel?

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