matroxfb, anybody? (More details...)

Owen Waller O.Waller at
Tue Feb 2 07:32:43 EST 1999

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Petr Vandrovec Ing. VTEI wrote:
> > On  1 Feb 99 at 15:30, Owen Waller wrote:
> > > o.k. well the x86 board definelty doesn't... So we now have a more general
> > > problem:
> > > If I have two idential video boards in my Mac one "mac" specific which
> > > shows up in the OF tree, and one that is x86 sourced and doesn't show up
> > > under OF how can we initialise both boards correctly.
> > If you have at least one matrox in your OF tree, driver will initialize
> > all matroxes from offb. If you have no matrox in OF tree, driver will
> > initialize them from matrox_init.
> > > im my case matroxfb will become my primary head, but I'd still like access
> > > to the internal (control) video in case soemthing in a new kernel dies
> > > before matroxfb is initialised.
> > Without offb you can set order by
> > video=control: video=matrox:
> > to get control first (or vice versa to get matrox first). With offb I do not
> > know.
> > So, attached patch adds back that matrox_init is called unless you
> > specify `video=matrox:off' on command line. In this case, matrox can
> > be still initialized through offb. If you specify `video=matrox:disabled',
> > driver will be unavailable for offb too.
> Which does not help if you have 2 Matrox boards, due to the single static
> `initialized' variable.

True. In this case is it worth applying your patch Petr?

> > Also, driver still does not use device_node passed to driver by offb
> > because of no-one told me what I can expect in that variable... Driver
> You can find the PCI base addresses in there (look at atyfb_of_init() for an
> example).

if you know the base address in PCI could this be used to move the card
into OF?

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