LinuxPPC on MVME 2306 board

Matt Porter mmporter at
Tue Feb 2 05:30:45 EST 1999

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, David De Ridder wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> at the lab we have an MVME 2306 board, and for the past 6 months I have
> been trying to run Linux on it.
> As I understand from some messages in this list, several people have
> been able to run LinuxPPC on such boards.
> We have an additional handicap : the board must be booted completely off
> our local net. We cannot use a SCSI drive, because the two PMC slots need
> to stay available for future lab applications.
> I already have the BOOTP/TFTP configured right, so I can load a
> kernel into the board over our network. This works perfectly with
> 'dummy' kernels, they let the board crash, as expected.
> I also set up NFS, to provide a root filesystem when necessary.
> Still, there are several problems, and therefore these questions :
> 1) Does LinuxPPC run on such boards ? Does anyone run LinuxPPC on an
>    MVME230x(5/6/7/8) *without* a hard disk (and with NFS) ?

I nfsroot an MVME230x (among others) off a LinuxPPC blackhawk box for
testing and use those binaries without a the answer is yes.

> 2) Since we don't have a spare developer PPC machine, is it possible
>    to crosscompile the LinuxPPC kernel from the standard Linux sources
>    on an Intel based machine ? I tried it and had problems with an
>    unfound 'semaphore.h' file.

See my page on this at
There are instructions for building cross tools plus .debs and .rpms.

> I am willing to put serious effort in this matter (and I already have),
> but is there a precompiled kernel around somewhere that I could
> download into the board to _prove_ it works ?
> (Such a kernel needs CONFIG_ECHO_SERIAL support.) I don't care if it
> is unable to find a root filesystem etc., I just would be glad to
> demonstrate that LinuxPPC _is_ a viable solution, and then I can look
> further into it.

I see Gabriel covered this in his response.

Matt Porter
mmporter at
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