Greetin's an' felicitations

John L Grantham jgrantha at
Tue Feb 2 02:32:04 EST 1999

Hi all,

Thought I would introduce myself, seein's how I've just joined ye olde 
LinuxPPC list.

I'm an American living in Hannover, Germany (home of CeBIT), 27 years 
old, long-time Mac user (since about two weeks after the first Mac Super 
Bowl ad) and started using Linux on the Mac with MkLinux DR2.1 about a 
year and a half ago, later started using LinuxPPC once the G3-able kernel 
came out, and have used SuSE Linux on PCs for about two years. I'm a 
graphic and Web designer by profession, also do some Apache server 
administration. Married, no kids.

I also run a German-language Website about Linux on the Mac (MkLinux and 
LinuxPPC), which can be found at Mainly 
concentrates on helping people get started, rather than big-shot support 
or anything like that. I'm considering adding an English-language section 
in the near future, but am not yet sure about it.

Being a (relative) newbie with LinuxPPC, I'll try to refrain from stupid 
questions, I promise... ;-)

Hope to have some fun here...let the games begin.



John Grantham | Dipl.-Designer (FH)
              | Linux am Mac FAQ:
              | Homepage:

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