EGCS upgrade?

Beecher Greenman rbg6038 at
Mon Feb 1 14:35:53 EST 1999

I tried upgrading to EGCS 1.0.3 using the RPM on It 
didn't work, so I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling with the 
original RPM's, but that appears to have fried my libstdc++, which among 
other things keeps Netscape from working. I'm trying to upgrade EGCS as 
high as I can, since I want to try running Kernel 2.2.1 (anyone have a 
prebuilt kernel out there, by any chance?)

Compiiling from the Cygnus sources for 1.1.1 didn't seem to work; there 
were more than a few errors when I tried (and that's really a shame; I 
was reading that 750 support was just added and I wanted to try that one 

Anyway, what's the best way to upgrade my EGCS installation past the 1.0 
on biggi? For that matter, where can I find another copy of libstdc++; I 
didn't see any RPM's on biggi that might have it. Thanks!

-Beecher Greenman

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