Shaw Terwilliger sterwill at io.nu
Wed Dec 1 07:39:01 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> This is (partly at least) my fault.  I upgraded to 2.3.30-pre3 (a merge of
> my tree and Cort's), found it didn't work, and reverted the devel tree to
> 2.3.29, which does work just fine for me.

Well, I was just using the old rsync repository at samba.anu.edu.au, not
at linuxcare.com.au.  However, the keyboard.h file had been that
way for a few weeks, probably unnoticed while everyone used the newer
repository.  I did a little patching and that kernel's running fine
on my laptop.

I would ask that perhaps samba.anu.edu.au::linux-pmac-[stable/devel]
be turned off (or print a nice MOTD with the new location) since there 
are countless web pages out there that still point to it.

> maybe I was updating it as he was fetching it or something.  I have
> changed the ifdef in chipsfb.c as Shaw suggested.

It looked right to me, but I didn't have a chips device to test it with.
Just seemed like an unnecessary test and kept me (and presumably others)
from compiling it.

Shaw Terwilliger (sterwill at io.nu)

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