2.2.10 will not boot on PowerMac 8500

Ira K Weiny iweiny at falcon.csc.calpoly.edu
Tue Aug 31 05:07:00 EST 1999

I have been trying to get a 2.2.10 kernel up and running on my PowerMac.  I
have downloaded both the pre-compiled and source from Pauls directory on
dev.linuxppc.org.  I can compile the source but niether kernel will boot.  Here
is the error message I get from OF.  (I tried it with BootX and all I got was a
blank screen with a frozen cursor, and I don't normally have a MacOS drive

After the boot:
starting at C
opening display /bandit at F2000000/gc at 10/sixty6 at 1C000 ... failed
opening display /chaos at F0000000/control at B_

Then from the top of the screen:
copying OF device tree...done

That is the last thing printed to the console.  This happens with both my
compiled version and the pre-compiled version.  I have tried different
configurations, some without BootX support, but at best I just don't get the
copying OF device tree message so I assume they are not getting as far?

I have looked in head.S and I have a 2.2.6 kernel which panics but does get
past this point.  I have noticed from looking at the preprocessed assembly of
head.S (2.2.6) and head.S (2.2.10) they seem to have different addresses for

in file ppc_defs.h
#define  KERNELBASE  -1073741824

in file head.S
#define TOPHYS(x) (x - KERNELBASE)


   .long TOPHYS (__start),0,0

in file page.h
#define PAGE_OFFSET  0xc0000000
if file head.S
#define TOPHYS(x) (x - KERNELBASE)


   .long TOPHYS (__start),0,0

I don't know what configuration I should use to correct for this, and I don't
know enough about the OF interface to start messing with the assembly.  I have
read the tech notes from apple on OF 1044 1061, and 1062 but they are really
for developers of PCI cards NOT OS's.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
Oh PowerMac 8500 OF 1.0.5

Ira Weiny

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