Acclerated video driver on Powerbook G3 (lombard)

Derek Homeier supas100 at
Tue Aug 31 02:52:41 EST 1999

dnb0 at wrote:
> the standard kernels fail to accelerate the ATI RAGE LT PRO on the
> lombard, but 
> the kernel modified by Paul Mackerras supports it well. you have to use
> rsync against
> to get it. the command should look like:
> # rsync -arvz rsync:// the-directiory-you-want-it
> (the r option may be obsolete, but i'm not shure)
> you may point it to an existing source-tree, so rsync will only copy the diffs.
Thanks, I'm going to try that out when I've set up a source tree, access
to is quite slow from up here.
Do you know if this one also contains the ethernet and/or USB patches?


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