Communicator Crashes X II

Ira K Weiny iweiny at
Mon Aug 30 15:07:53 EST 1999

Well I may have some more news about this problem...

Fisrt I just locked up using lynx!!!  Box rebooted after? 1min?  Again proves
this is not Netscape, nor a font issue etc.
I had 2 hard crashes one right after the other.  The first after having set up
my printer on my other serial port.  One thing I did during this was to unplug
my Pilot cradle and plug in my Printer.  The two crashes occured shortly after
that.  Could this be a problem with the serial code/our hardware.  (PS I know
that you are not supposed to hot swap the serial ports.  I just have gotten
into bad habbits over the years. ;-)

I don't know about others but my 8500 has been moved from dorm room to home and
around more times that I can think.  I have plug/unpluged the serial port more
time that I can think.  A couple of us have said they use Cable modems and I am
going to DSL as soon as Pac Bell can get out here to hook me up.  This tends to
rule out the networking code...

So what about the serial ports.  I am thinking the problem may lie there.  Does
anyone else have thoughts/info which might support this theory.

Ira Weiny

BTW I am trying to get 2.2.10 compiled so I can start messing with the code.
Have not gotten it to boot yet...  ;-(  Was just trying to get some OF info off
the web when this problem acted up...

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