Xfree86 support for Voodoo 3 acceleration

Peter Chang weasel at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Aug 28 06:18:55 EST 1999

> >After looking at www.xfree86.org and the source for Xfree-3.3.4,
> >it seems that support for the Voodoo 3 card's 2-d acceleration
> >is already in Xfree86!  But, (and I'm just guessing here, I do a lot
> >of programming but none of it is system or GUI programming)
> >this support appears to run only on x86 systems currently.  There doesn't
> >appear to be any asm code or anything, though, so shouldn't it be
> >possible to port this to the linuxppc side of things?

At 11:45 -0600 08.27.1999, Stephen Edie wrote:
>Is the full source code to the driver available?  Or is it written using
>the Glide libraries?

glide is 3d only, and would probably use some sort of ioctl to talk 
to this driver to get board mappings etc. At least, this is how we 
did it on mac/w32 platforms.

Anyway, the 2d core is basically separate from 3d so this driver 
should probably 'just work'. Does anyone know if it uses the full 2d 
core, or the open spec that 3dfx was going to release?


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