Embedded LinuxPPC questions.

Graham Stoney greyham at research.canon.com.au
Thu Aug 26 11:33:48 EST 1999

Hi Brendan,

I'm working on a pretty similar project with an MPC860T embedded board; I'd be
interested to hear how you get on, and I'll try to offer any tips I can. I'm
using the gcc-2.95 compiler, with binutils-990809 and glibc-2.1.2pre2.

I don't have hardware yet though, so at this stage all I can answer is:

Brendan Simon writes:
> 5) Do the linux-2.2.x kernels compile with GCC-2.95.x ?

Yes. I can't tell you if it runs, but I have compiled the 2.2.5 embedded kernel
with gcc-2.95.


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