imac exception (Re: BootX enhancement request)

Brad Midgley brad at
Tue Aug 24 07:21:40 EST 1999

it should be noted that the imac, although it has the same 15-pin video
connector internally, doesn't follow the rules and apply the right signals
to its sense pins. so you need a special case in your detection code for
this beast. (the signals from the sense pins suggest the computer use a
resolution/synch that the monitor doesn't even support)

> Feel free to look at the code MkLinux hass to read the sense pins.... 
> Granted, it's not actually being _used_ for anything, since MkLinux
> doesn't change resolution, but it's there in the original PDM video
> driver.  There will obviously be differences for other video hardware, but
> it _might_ at least provide some useful inspiration or something.

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