lost Button2 in upgrade to 2.2.10

brad allison jackal at aol.net
Mon Aug 23 08:30:18 EST 1999

I upgraded my G3 450 to 2.2.10 today.  I've been running 2.2.6.

I pulled the keyboard-2.2.10 and mouse-2.2.10 files and linked them in
/etc/sysconfig correctly.

Booted into linux without a problem.

But now Button2 no longer works.  I'm using a Logitech MouseMan Wheel USB 
3 button mouse.

I ran xev to see what Button2 was mapped to.  Button1 shows up as Button1.
Button3 shows up as Button3.  Button2 shows up as nothing.  xev registered

Again, all three buttons worked correctly with 2.2.6.


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