BootX enhancement request

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Mon Aug 23 06:20:18 EST 1999

Does your machine not have a video driver? If you can avoid no video driver mode, this should not be needed (use Xconfigurator to setup multiple resolutions).

On the other hand, though, this would be nice for those who don't have supported video (like B&W G3's, or is the new 128 driver usable already?)

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 13:45:27 brad allison wrote:
> I'm not sure how hard/not hard this would be to do, but right now in order
> to change resolutions I have to boot into MacOS, set my resolution, launch
> BootX, boot into init 3, run Xautoconfig, boot into init 5.
> That's a lot of work to just change the resolution for X.
> It would be nice if you could set the resolution and color from BootX on
> boot up.
> If there's a easier way to change pixel depth and resolution from inside X
> please let me know....
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