Preliminary Rage128 fb driver

anthony tong atong at
Tue Aug 17 13:07:23 EST 1999

Diff is based off of the cvs.on.openprojects 2.2.11 tree today (8/66).

It's has been tested on PowerMacs only--the B&W's, and my PowerCenter
Pro, with the ATY,Rage128y. I'll probably do a x86 port at some
point, if someone else doesn't do it first.

Allegedly, the following are currently working:
 - mode switching (using calculated timings)
 - 8bpp and 32bpp X (using XF68_FBDev)
 - 8bpp console
 - video=aty128fb:vmode:<vmode> kernel arguments. cmode is also there, but
   I would sugguest selecting 8bpp. :)

Of course, fixes/features/finished implementations to come. Just thought
that I'd get this out there before the 2.3 feature freeze. :)

Let me know how/if this driver works, and all comments are welcome.


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